Eskişehir Havacılık Kulübü
"Türkiye F3L International Cup and Contest Eurotour" event, organized in collaboration with the Eskişehir Aviation Club (Eshavk) and the Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK) with our friends took place on May 25-26th, 2024, in İnönü, Eskişehir, Turkey, with the participation of 38 pilots.
The competition, which began on May 25th, featured 6 rounds of qualifying flights on Saturday and 3 rounds on Sunday, for a total of 9 rounds. The top 13 pilots proceeded to compete in 3 fly-off flights to determine the winners.
We would like to extend our gratitude to all the Turkish Aeronautical Association employees, members of the Eshavk-Eskişehir Aviation Club, all the participating teams, and all the pilots, whether they placed or not, who contributed to the success of the competition.
Congratulations to the pilots and teams who placed in the competition. We hope to see you again in September 7-8th, 2024. With warm regards...

The Senior winner and ranking after the Fly-off;


2= Andre STİER (GER)

2= Frank HOLZ (GER)


Contest Eurotour winner:



The Junior winner:



Türkiye F3L Cup Teams Results:

1. KaKi 2 (GER)

2. Atlas Magic (TUR)

3. THK Model Uçak Okulu (TUR)



Overall results link:

Fly-off results link:

Eskişehir Havacılık Kulübü